INSIDE | OUTSIDE – the blended worlds of Sam Vicary’s paintings.

To enter the exhibition of Sam Vicary’s recent paintings at Canfas gallery in Cardigan is to find oneself enclosed by a collection of works which suggest windows, or a sense of being indoors looking out. They open onto the north Pembrokeshire landscape– misty, half-glimpsed land, horizons dissolving into air and light.

This effect of being both inside and outside is created by the way the artist foregrounds in each painting an evocative sliver of the domestic interior. A tilting windowsill with its pot of a few wildflowers invites the eye to look through their delicacy to the fields beyond. There is a laid tea-table – cups set on fabric triangles, their angles and curves leading us out of the moment of domestic intimacy to a view of soft, blurred colours. Fragments of still life.

Sam’s carefully composed paintings are where inner and outer worlds blend and dissolve. We’re invited to feel held in a place of calm retreat while experiencing the wildness of coast and hills. She conveys the freedom of the landscape, yet also arranges it gently – into field patterns, lines of hedgerows, ploughed lines, enclosures. And in each painting there is, of course, the sense of a wide sky, where clouds sit on mountain tops and a distant horizon glints in a hint of sea.

The work is imbued with light and reflections; look carefully and the sparkle of a small glazed area suddenly catches your eye. The soft palette – creams and greys, greens and browns – is lifted by shades of purple and a flash of vibrant colour. A hedgerow is a meandering line of deep blue; an illuminated field shines lavender; soft pink glances off a hazy sea. Stand back, and the colours fuse into semi-familiar views which capture the sense of place, a recognisable interpretation of the Pembrokeshire land. Stand close, and colours you didn’t even know were there appear in the subtle blending, daubing, rubbing away. The beauty of the palette arises from the way the artist selects and applies colour but also because it has in it a kind of truth – the truth of the emotional connection and observation which comes from the hours Sam has spent walking the paths in all weathers, knowing the land and how its chameleon surface lights up and fades.

In ‘Pwllderi’ the expanse of sea in the distance shimmers in a pastel dazzle of sunlight. Closer, a shadowy green wartime shelter nestles in the clifftop, its concrete angles echoed in the open pages of a book on the windowsill in front of us. In the golden green trees of ‘Pengelli Woods’ we notice the tiniest snippet of blue in the leaves – a butterfly? a glimpse of sky?  And there it is again, revealed in some deep layer behind the pale clouds. These are paintings which offer satisfying and unexpected visual and emotional echoes, both in colour and composition.

‘Tapestry Road’, one of the two largest paintings in the show, takes us into the Preseli hills on a blanket of Welsh tapestry in a stream of purples and pale cream. The fabric floats away from the chairs and set table in the foreground as if in flight, shaken through an open window. The familiar portcullis tapestry pattern is here deconstructed into lacy grids of tiny apertures and marks which seem to hover over the surface. Textile seems to suggest text as it meanders into the distance, hinting at a story of lives lived in this place. Then, it vanishes through a violet gateway into misty woods and a glow of sun.

Sam Vicary’s work is restrained yet vibrant; quiet yet joyous. Her paintings – sketched and started on her walks and re-worked and recalled later – capture the elemental sense of landscape and, crucially, its emotional resonance. Her art has an almost ethereal quality, which tells of the ‘hud ar Ddyfed’ – in mythology, the magic that lies upon Dyfed, that far south-west corner of Wales where the land feels ancient, and people have lived within it with a deep sense of belonging.

Craft Festival Wales 2024 Call for Entries 

Applications are invited from makers working to the highest standards.⁠ ⁠You make ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery, metal, wood, plastics, mixed media, leather, recycled materials, printmaking and paper.⁠ ⁠ Your work shows a dedication to quality of making, presentation and originality.⁠ ⁠You live anywhere in the world. ⁠

Craft Festival Wales / Gŵyl Grefft Cymru –

Cardigan. Craft Festival Wales will be held over three days at Cardigan Castle from 6 – 8 September 2024.

Embracing A Wonderful Summer & Exciting Times Ahead!

Canfas has had a very busy summer and is looking forward to upcoming events as well as some exciting news we want to share!

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Iwan Bala ‘Ethnograff(r)ica’ Review by Cathryn Gwynn

For several decades. Iwan Bala’s raw, unflinching work has shone a light on issues of culture, national identity, history and politics. One of its hallmarks, of course, is the integration of text – as slogan, poetry or comment – in strong black lettering, in paintings where landscape and figure merge in powerful, urgent messages.

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Affordable Art Fair – Hampstead Heath 2022

Canfas has been chosen to exhibit at Affordable Art Fair - Hampstead Heath 2022 - 5-8th May 2022

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Sean Robinson

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Exhibitions for 2021

Exhibition list for 2021 at Canfas

Come and work with us at Canfas

Are you on Universal Credit and aged between 18- 24years? Would you like to work at a busy independent contemporary art gallery in the old market town of Cardigan in South Ceredigion?

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Meinir Mathais

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This is the fourth of a series of short films by Meinir Mathias

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Artists on Art: Sam Vicary by Martha Lloyd Morgan

In this, the first of a new series, Artists on Art, Cardigan based artist and regular Canfas exhibitor, Sam Vicary, contemplates artistic influences, beloved works, and her own creative process.

Open Call for New Artists for 2021/2022

Once a year we invite Welsh artists or artists based in Wales to submit their work for future exhibitions. Deadline extended due to Covid 19 lockdown until February 28th 2021

Carole Hodgson

2020 Exhibitions

List of Exhibitions for 2020 at Canfas

Exhibition review October 2020 – Carole Hodgson

Carole’s exhibition at Canfas is a masterful celebration of texture, form, light, and shade. Simply but effectively displayed, Carole’s works are allowed to speak for themselves, without interference, and invite contemplation from every angle.

Elizabeth haines

Elizabeth Haines – Review by Caroline Juler

Elizabeth Haines has a new show at Canfas. It consists of a handful of relatively large, confidently handled abstract paintings which she has made over the last 18 months and during the pandemic lockdown this year. She says the enforced isolation allowed her to focus better on her work which has so often relied on…

Pine Feroda – woodcuts

Short film of our Pine Feroda window exhibition August 2020

Unaiza Ismail talk at Canfas, 6pm Friday 13th December 2019

We are delighted to welcome artist Unaiza Ismail to talk about her practice and show artwork from her 2 week residency in CreateSpace Wales in Ferwig.

Meeting 7.30pm Sat 9th November @ Stwdio 3

On Saturday 9th November at 7.30 in Stiwdio 3, Cardigan, I will be giving a talk and facilitating an open discussion along with Suzi and Beth on ‘what and how do art schools teach?’

‘Other Voices’ at Canfas

We are very excited to be part of the 'Other Voices' Music Trail, and to be hosting these two wonderful artists: 5pm - Friday - Particpant 5pm - Saturday - Accü

Pembrokeshire Online Review

One of the latest winds to blow into Cardigan’s flying sails is Oriel Canfas. It’s not the only art space here, but the gallery which opened in July is offering something different enough to make it stand out.

Talk by US artist Julia Rymer Saturday 12th October 2019 at Canfas

Artist Julia Rymer to talk about her work and showing drawings and paintings from her 2 week residency in CreateSpace Wales in Ferwig. 

Ian Phillips – 28/9/19 – 22/11/19

New exhibition from Aberystwyth based printmaker Ian Phillips

paint tubes

10% discount on Fine Art Materials for ‘Friends of Canfas’

10% discount on Fine Art Materials for 'Friends of Canfas' at Y Wiber

Dylan Thomas

Malcolm Gwyon 14/09/19 -19 /10/19.

Malcolm Gwyon - New Exhibition at Canfas Gallery

Landscape with still life II

Sam Vicary

34.5cm x 34.5cm

Oil on canvas


Landscape with still life III

Sam Vicary

34.5cm x 34.5cm

Oil on canvas


The Pilgrimage Y Bererindod 2

Sam Vicary

129 x 128.5cm

Oil on Canvas


Spring the Memory of Garn Fawr

Sam Vicary

70 x 50cm

Oil on Canvas


Landscape with Still Life

Sam Vicary

31 x 31cm

Oil on canvas