'Y Pelydrau - The Rays (The First Light of a Brand New Day)'

Location: Canfas, Manchester House, Grosvenor Hill, Cardigan SA43 1HY

Date: 26/10/2023 - 02/12/2023

This body of work celebrates independent Welsh vinyl records on the Cambrian, Wren, Welsh Teledisc, Gwawa and Sain labels and the abstract displacement of a post-colonial identity through recorded artefacts as a memory of forms reimagined as a parallel universe. By painting clean, hard edged geometric forms over Welsh language record sleeves a tension is created between the recorded manifestations of Welsh identity and the dominance of an international, post-colonial stylization of identity.

Acrylic on  30x 7” single & EP record covers Cymraig 2018-19

Each individual framed work : 30x30cm.  :  each work £550

André Stitt

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