These are just some of the renowned artists and makers currently showing their work at Canfas. Discover and rediscover exceptional welsh artists through 6 curated exhibitions a year. Forthcoming exhibitions consist of a mix of solo and thematic group exhibitions along with other cultural events.

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Malcolm Gwyon

Malcolm Gwyon artist

Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Katie Allen Artist

Charlotte Baxter

Charlotte Baxter printmaking

Peter Bodenham

Informing and framing the ceramic bucket vessels are a range of sources, a personal sense of place or locational identity and the connection between the maker and the land.

John Bourne

A full time painter since 1986, in 2001 John joined the Stuckists, inspired by an article on the Stuckists in the Sunday Times and in 2004 I helped curate our very large exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Sebastien Boyesen

Sebastien Boyesen one of the UK's leading sculptors

Peter Brown

Peter Brown artist

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns Artist

Anne Cakebread

Anne Cakebread is an illustrator and painter based in St Dogmaels, West Wales, UK. She has produced artwork for TV programmes and National TV advertisements, National magazines, newspapers and book publishers as well as creating and illustrating the best selling ‘Teach your Dog…’ and ‘Teach Your Cat…’ language series. She is also the curator, manager…

Glenn Carney

Glenn creates richly detailed landscapes and still life, imbued with love and emotion. ‘I make landscape and still life paintings using oils, acrylics and egg tempera’. He is a self-taught colourist, painting mostly landscapes and still life subjects. The inspiration comes from the coast and inland of west Wales.

Promise - Lola Rose Chapman painting

Lola Rose Chapman

Lola is a West Wales based artist and is inspired by the native landscapes. Her work is not a pictorial image of a location but rather a capturing of the atmosphere and essence of the place made physical.

Harriet Chapman

is a multi-disciplinary artist from West Wales, working with Textiles, Paint and Collage.

Natalie Chapman

Natalie Chapman is a figurative painter based in the small market town of Aberaeron.. After studying Art and Design in Coleg Ceredigion she has gone on to gain a first-class hons degree in fine art at Coleg Sir Gar Carmarthen.

Carl Chapple

Carl Chapple is a British portrait painter, who studied at St Martin’s School of Art in London. Originally from Dartmoor in the South of England, he is now living and working in South Wales.


Cranogwen Exhibition

Simon Dorrell

St Dogmaels resident, Simon Dorrell is the art editor of the international gardening quarterly HORTUS he has contributed a succession of fine ink drawings since 1988 and his work is well known around the world.

Mathew Edenbrow

Mathew is a sculptor based in Llangeithio, Ceredigion. 'My work is strongly informed by my varied life experiences with wild animals as well as my academic understanding of animal behaviour gained during, and after being awarded my PhD investigating animal personality'.

Carwyn Evans

Cardiff based artist Carwyn Evans’ work explores Wales’ language, cultural, rural and agricultural landscape and his own family’s history.

Pine Feroda

Pine Feroda

Pine Feroda is a group which formed in November 2013 during an experimental workshop in collaborative printmaking in Hartland, North Devon. In six years the group have developed into a unique artistic collaboration with a recognisable style and intricate processes.

Alexander Fox-Robinson

West Wales based artist.

Carol Francis

Carol Francis is a Preseli based painter and potter.

Joe Frowen

Joe Frowen

Working in old styles like slip trailing and coil throwing, but mixing his work with new techniques such as ceramic decals, Joe produces work based on alternate realities and science fiction depicted on a ceramic vessel.

Anne Gibbs

Anne Gibbs abstract ceramic sculptures

Eloise Govier

Eloise Govier’s vibrant, colourful oil paintings have made her “heir apparent to Sir Kyffin’s legacy” (Robin Turner, Western Mail).

Marian Haf

Marian Haf is a printmaker from Ceredigion, west Wales.

Elizabeth Haines

Elizabeth Haines has lived and worked in Pembrokeshire for over 40 years. Although she works constantly in sketchbooks, her inspiration comes from poetry and music as well as the natural world.

Carole Hodgson

Carole Hodgson

Carole Hodgson has lived in St Dogmaels and London since 1964 and has exhibited with, inspired and taught some of the world’s most important contemporary artists.

Neale Howells

Neath based artist Neale Howells is often referred to as ‘the bad boy’ of Welsh art. His visceral art combines graffiti, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism and Symbolism, primarily working with household materials, including gloss, spray paint, acrylic,pencils and crayons.

Philip Huckin

Philip Huckin is a Ceredigion based figurative landscape painter

Sarah Lees

Sarah Lees is an MA RCA. Contemporary painter, fine art lecturer & programme leader

Plas Llangoedmor & Canfas Gallery

Plas Llangoedmor

Art work available to buy that is currently on show at Plas Llangoedmor.

Meinir Mathais

Meinir Mathias

Meinir Mathias is a Contemporary Welsh painter. She explores ideas relating to cultural memory, history, land and people. She lectures at the Carmarthen School of Art and also works from her studio here in West Wales. Her work is becoming increasingly sought after by collectors of Welsh art.

Flora McLachlan

I work from my own studio and workshop with etching and stone lithography in West Wales, on the edge of a wild moor, surrounded by lichened trees.

Nicolle Menegaldo

My work is influenced by the need for protecting the rural and traditional way of life in Wales.

Ellis O’connor

Ellis O'connor contemporary landscape artist

Ian Phillips

Aberystwyth based printmaker Ian Phillips specialises in consecutive series of linocut and woodcut prints taken from drawings done while walking long distance footpaths or exploring particular areas of interest.

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson artist

Clare Rose

Clare is the first female artist and ex-student to be commissioned to paint the retiring University of Aberyswyth President, Lord Elystan Morgan.

Rose Sanderson

Now based on the West coast of Wales, Rose has exhibited across the UK, and further afield including Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and BC, Canada.

Maximillian Victor Self

Maximillian Victor Self

Artist Maximillian Victor Self who suffered with bipolar 1 from an early age and used his art as a platform to tell the story of his fascinating, wonderful and complex short journey through life by drawing his thoughts.

Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott

One of Wales’ leading painters Kevin Sinnott with his work based on local characters and communities.

Seren Stacey

Seren Stacey

Seren Stacey studied Textile Art at Winchester School of Art, going on to undertake artist residencies and curate site-specific exhibitions.

André Stitt

Currently Professor of Fine Art/Painting at the Cardiff School of Art & Design; Chair of CFAR (Centre for Fine Art Research) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art and of the Higher Education Academy.

Angharad Taris

Angharad Taris is a painter born and raised on a farm in New Quay, Ceredigion. Her paintings do not set out to be precise representations of the land that inspires her, but they are internal and external expressions of experience elicited by the painting process.

Paul Thomas

Paul's sculptures are created from recycled tools, engines and any steel. His ethos is to use as much recycled materials, metal, glass etc as is possible.

Kathy Thomson

“Painting for me, is pleasure, joy, energy, struggle, battle, doing and undoing”. They are created in the studio from memories and imagination, and from observational drawings made when out walking the land and by the coast.

Raven by Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner's oil paintings bring classic portraiture to the avian world.

Sam Vicary

Sam’s beautiful, delicate and alluring still lives are studies in the synthesis of still life and fragility. Her paintings are carefully composed and exquisitely rendered.

Seán Vicary

Seàn’s work explores ideas at the heart of our relationship with the natural world, place and landscape.

Stephen West

Stephen West is an experienced artist, sculptor, lecturer, curator and writer working at Dolypebyll Montgomeryshire Wales UK. Born; 1952 Henley-on-Thames UK. He is a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Claire Wigley

Artist living and working in West Wales

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