Sam Vicary

Sam is dedicated to painting and draws on personal experience and her walking practice for inspiration. Her quiet paintings are suspended moments, where time appears to have stopped and thoughts settle in.

Sam uses still life to create multiple view points. Pots and plates in the foreground take the viewer on a journey through the landscape to settle on a fragment that leads somewhere else. She balances still life objects on walls and rocky platforms and coaxes the viewer on a path into the Preseli Hills with a Welsh tapestry motif.

“I start in the landscape with what I can see. I destroy a lot of the painting at the beginning – messing things up and working with ideas and memories connected to the place. The challenge is to make something in the studio with the paint and marks left behind.”

Sam is from Pembrokeshire and lives in Cardigan. She has a degree in visual arts from De Montfort University and a career working in the arts in Wales.

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The Pilgrimage Y Bererindod 2

129 x 128.5cm

Oil on Canvas


Spring the Memory of Garn Fawr

70 x 50cm

Oil on Canvas


Landscape with Still Life

31 x 31cm

Oil on canvas