Elizabeth Haines

Elizabeth Haines has lived and worked in Pembrokeshire for over 40 years. Although she works constantly in sketchbooks, her inspiration comes from poetry and music as well as the natural world. She trained as an illustrator, but her work has evolved gradually into a much more flexible and imaginative approach, a style which balances between topography and abstraction. Influences of European and British painting of the early 20th century are apparent.

Her work evokes the landscape of France as well as of Wales and, although grounded in observation, is frequently described as surreal and dreamlike. She has been Artist in Residence at the National Eisteddfod and has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wales. Her thesis, The Web of Exchange, explores the relationship between the different arts, and she has contributed papers to various journals. Her work is in the collections of the Contemporary Art Society for Wales, The National Library and the University of Wales, as well as many private collections. She exhibits in London, Cardiff and West Wales, as well as at her studio in the Preseli Hills. Elizabeth has been Artist in Residence at a number of schools over the last 30 years, and combines Art and Philosophy in workshops with young people. You can enter Elizabeth’s paintings on a simple level, relishing colours and textures, enjoying apparently inconsequential marks, but from these emerge a larger space and deeper forms, sometimes there are hints of mountains and forests, intimations of buildings and trees and the further you go into the picture the more there is to see. William Gibbs 2012


74 x 74cm



That Other Land

107 x 57cm




97 x 82cm



Caer Caractacus

30cm x 34cm

Oil on board


Road To Carn Ingli

50cm x 100cm

Oil on canvas


Uphill All The Way

50cm x 50cm

Oil on canvas


Path To The Hills

77cm x 77cm



Evening Light

46cm x 54cm