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The Gallery Visit
As a gallery we are keen to encourage our young people to come in and explore the wonderful and diverse art work we have on display here. We want to promote the talent we have in our local area as well as artists across Wales.

What will it give to the children.
We will offer an engaging, educational and fun experience. We will have several activities running through out the visit which all children will be able to use. We offer an inclusive, fun session which will help the children to see that they will be using many transferable skills. Gallery visit will last approximately 2 hours and a member of staff will come to your school to do a two hour session with the children. We will also offer help and support to put on an exhibition at the school.

Teachers may be unaware of the diverse and varied work being produced by local artists working in close proximity to their school. The range of creative work produced – and to a high level, is very exciting and we at Canfas are thrilled to be able to offer a fantastic space to exhibit these works and a space where people, children and dogs can come to enjoy, look at and buy.
We hope that through these activities we can forge lasting experiences that the pupils will look back on fondly but also give some inspiration to have a go and not be scared of producing a piece of art.

What we can offer.
Visit to the gallery, various activities will be held to include drawing, mark making, I.T and opportunities to see how art can offer lots of transferable skills not just drawing and painting based.
A member of staff to run a morning or afternoon session at the school.
Links to our artists talks.
A opportunity to talk direct to one of our exhibitors
Support and guidance for students to put on their own exhibition at their education site.

All this and materials used will be covered in a one off cost of £450. Students and teachers will also be invited to other ‘Artist Talk’ events we hold.

Is there funding available for my school?

Funding is available for all schools in Wales as part of the ‘Go and See’ scheme. Schools can apply for up to £1000 a year at anytime of the year from the Welsh Arts Council. Go to

How many children can come on a trip?

Up to 35 maximum

What ages?

Workshops are aimed at 9-10 and 15+ years

Are there toilets?

Yes there are toilets upstairs in the building and one downstairs.

Do your provide materials?

We provide collage materials, paper, scissors and glue.

Do we need to bring food and drink?

The workshops run either before or after lunchtime so there is no need to bring food and drink.

How many different activities are there at one time?

There are between 6 and 8 different activities with groups moving round on completion of a task.

What language are the workshops in?

The majority of the workshop and talks are currently in English, however general instructions can be in Welsh.

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