Anne Gibbs

Anne Gibbs’ current work, brings together a selection of drawings and three- dimensional objects curated by colour, highlighting different surfaces, techniques, and influences. Having been a collector since childhood, she assembles household or scientific objects – gifted or gathered from antique shops and car boot sales. She then transform, re-purpose and re-stage them into ceramic sculptures, using my materials of choice – bone china casting slip and porcelain paper clay.
Anne has several artistic influences. She is enthused by nature in various forms, often observed during daily woodland walks. Anne also collect fashion books which feature imaginative and other worldly photographs. These photo images might seem understated, yet closer inspection may reveal dark, unsettling undercurrents. Her aim is to stir similar emotions through close inspection of her own ceramic pieces.
Studying Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging) taught me the importance of assembling disparate items for display and effect. Colour sometimes links my narrative, along with unusual combinations of shape and textures. she works intuitively, often with a limited yet distinctive colour palette. Stark whites; greens reflecting natural shades of lichen and moss; or lilacs, blues, and pinks (in a nod to Japanese wagashi confectionary).

“Detail is everything – I carefully control the colour intensities of all my pieces, enhancing or muting them in the firing process.
This exhibition reflects the importance I place upon display, colour, and the curation of objects in my artistic practice.”