Joe Frowen

Joe Frowen

Llandeilo based artist Joe Frowen is a recent graduate of Carmarthen College is already becoming one of our most sort after producers. Working in old styles like slip trailing and coil throwing, but mixing his work with new techniques such as ceramic decals, Joe produces work based on alternate realities and science fiction depicted on a ceramic vessel.
Winner of the 2018 Hatfield Art in Clay – Pot Clays Award & Best Newcomer in Ceramics
Dave Clarke Award for Throwing
King Street Gallery Carmarthen – Best Graduate of the Year

His work has already been exhibited in sell out shows in The New Designers London and Hatfield Art in Clay.

Match on the Moon

30cm x 65cm



Over the Hills

26 x 58cm



Traditional Welsh Dress

24 x 50cm



Blue Spaceman

30 x 25 x 27cm



Retro Helmet

25 x 17 x 22cm



Moses Pain

36 x 60cm