Sophie Turner

Raven by Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner’s oil paintings are a tribute to ‘Gretel’, a crow fledgling that she found injured at the side of the road. She managed to rehabilitate her back into the wild:
” It was an honour to have had the experience, to be so close to such a shy and amazing creature. Most of all I felt privileged to have earned her trust within the short 10 weeks I had bonded with her. She came everywhere with me. When I was outside, she spent her time either on my shoulder or perched on a nearby branch.

Having learned so much from ‘Gretel’ and also living close by to a family of rooks, I have really grown to love and respect all the corvid birds. Corvids are very intelligent with complex social and family networks. At times they all socialise and work together, Magpies, Jackdaws, Rooks and Crows alike.”

Incorporating a very gothic feel into her work, she beautifully captures the bird’s unique personality within each piece as if it were a classical portrait.

Sophie Turner is an artist, ceramicist and a jewellery designer, she graduated from Middlesex University in 1999 with a BA in Three-Dimensional Design, specialising in ceramics.