John Bourne

“I remember painting a picture of Father Christmas when I was three and I have continued painting ever since. Whilst at school I discovered Modes of Thought by the philosopher A. N. Whitehead. I see Art as a form of Visual Philosophy, attempting to arrive at truths which cannot be expressed in words.”

A full time painter since 1986, in 2001 John joined the Stuckists, inspired by an article on the Stuckists in the Sunday Times and in 2004 I helped curate our very large exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

During the Stuckists exhibition at the University of Kent, John was interviewed by Edward Lucie-Smith about Stuckism, a group that promotes figurative painting over conceptual art.

He has recently shown in the last two Mostyn Opens and in the recent Annwn exhibition at Ty Pawb, Wrexham and his work has buyers in the USA, China and Iran.


Tesco Corridor

John Bourne

42cm x 42cm

Acrylic on canvas



John Bourne

37.5cm x 41.5cm

Oil on board


The Dream

John Bourne

25cm x 28cm

Oil & gesso on plywood


Upstairs Tearoom In Oswestry


42cm x 31cm

oil on canvas board