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Life Drawing

Artist: Kevin Sinnott

Size: 110cm x 130cm

Media Type: Oil on linen


Tags: Oil painting

Little Dunes

Artist: Charlotte Baxter

Size: 65 x 52cm

Media Type: Wood and lino cut with blind embossing

Glazed / framed

Edition: 15 / 25

Tags: lino print, welsh contemporary art

LLiwiau Aberteifi Colour card (two sides)

Artist: Plas Llangoedmor

Size: 88 x 70cm

Media Type: Giclee print on Hahnmule German etching paper

glazed / framed

Lonely Night

Artist: Kevin Sinnott

Size: 71cm x 57cm

Media Type: oil on linen


Tags: Oil painting

Long Toed Stint

Artist: Rose Sanderson

Size: 17 x 25cm / 41 x 34cm

Media Type: acrylic on board


Tags: welsh contemporary art


Artist: Kevin Sinnott

Size: 40cm x 30cm

Media Type: oil on panel


Tags: Oil painting

Lustrous Winter Day

Artist: Clare Rose

Size: 85cm x 106cm

Media Type: Oil on canvas


Tags: Landscape


Artist: Charlotte Baxter

Size: 46 x 47cm

Media Type: print


Edition: 04 / 25cm

Tags: Print, welsh contemporary art

Madonna and child

Artist: Alexander Fox-Robinson

Size: 49 x 69cm

Media Type: Oil on panel


Tags: Oil on panel, portraiture, welsh contemporary art

Making time

Artist: Claire Wigley

Size: 24cm x 24cm

Media Type: Mixed media


Tags: Figurative art


Artist: Anne Cakebread

Size: 126cm x 95cm

Media Type: acrylic on canvas


Tags: seascape

Match on the Moon

Artist: Joe Frowen

Size: 30cm x 65cm

Media Type: Ceramics

Tags: Ceramics

Memento Mori with Rose

Artist: Alexander Fox-Robinson

Size: 26 x 22cm

Media Type: Oil on panel


Tags: Oil on panel, welsh contemporary art

Moonshadows blue as china

Artist: Flora McLachlan

Size: 9 x 10cm

Media Type: Ink and Watercolour

glazes and framed

Tags: Watercolour

Morning Light

Artist: Pine Feroda

Size: 134 x 96cm

Media Type: Wood block

Tags: limited edition prints, welsh contemporary art

Moses Pain

Artist: Joe Frowen

Size: 36 x 60cm

Media Type: Ceramic

Tags: Ceramics, welsh contemporary art